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A Real Experience

Not sure how to make the album, single or demo you’re envisioning come to life? Work with our experienced team to shape your sound into something uniquely yours. We’ll work together from start to finish to produce work you’ll be proud of with a range of services including:

Studio Time - We are happy to book our studio out to clients for a flat hourly rate that would include an engineer to run the session. We are willing to tailor our services to meet your specific needs for your project!

Mixing and Mastering - Our engineers would love to mix your 

song or album! They will take your project to the next level! We can 

even master your album and make sure it’s ready to sell commercially!

Album/Song Production - We would love to help you produce your next hit or even 

your next full album! We can handle every aspect of the creative process. You 

can set it up to have as much or as little input as you desire. We want you to love 

the process and we promise to preserve the integrity of your project. Special 

production packages are available upon request.

Editing - Maybe your song isn’t quite… perfect? We can help! We offer editing 

services including pitch correction and vocal lining. We can fix sour notes and 

tighten your backgrounds so that your song is tight and grooving!

Songwriting - So, you have a great voice and you want to record, but you don't have any material. No worries! DreamVizion Productions offers songwriting services! We write songs in multiple genres, so we can be sure to create something suited to your preferences. If you have words and need a melody, we can help you with that as well. We would be happy to team up with you to write your next hit!

Audio book - Are you an author wanting to create an audible version of your book? Perhaps you have a demo/instruction video that needs narration? Look no further than DreamVizion Productions. Our talented voiceover artists can create the perfect product for you!

Contact us to see how DreamVizion Productions can help your next album, EP, demo or single sound amazing! 

Listen below to hear original songs DreamVizion Productions has produced for artists across a wide variety of genres.

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